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What You Can Do to Improve Today’s Economy

With the recent developments on global economy, especially in Asian region, I suspect that recession will peak soon – we are certainly not there, yet.

The news on Asia stock sink and the similar situation in Dow Jones, New York confirmed that we are not at the recession peak.

Again, it’s all about mindset and psychology

People are paranoid and anxious these days with the economic turbulence and uncertainty worldwide. Every single news item can shake the entire region economic stability, causing (another) breakdown in stock markets.

The money problems and the pressure of negative outlook of economy and life is mounting, leaving people stressed, uncreative and unproductive. This alone affects businesses, and eventually the stock markets.

How you and I can affect the global economy

The butterfly effect – a small action in your local area can affect the bigger community overseas, and eventually worldwide. This is how the recession started and will end someday.

The stressed you will affect your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Your relatives, friends and colleagues will affect theirs, and so on. Soon, your local community is affected, and eventually the wider community is affected.

And who do you think start the recession in your region? That’s right – You and I.

You need to learn to cope in stressful times

Colin Allen of Psychology Today wrote an interesting article about the story of a woman who step up to cope with the stressful times, due to recession and the inability to achieve what she has been planning and envisioning about.

The idea behind Colin’s article is that in tough times, like today’s massive recession, people have to learn to accept uncertainty in order to cope and marvel life challenges.

Recession will end, eventually, and will start again later on – the cycle will always present as the place we live in is not an ideal world. There will be another war, there will be another shortage and again, there will be another recession.

You and I need to move on. Otherwise, the economy won’t rebound if the community and the government didn’t do anything positive and creative to cope the recession.

Again, it is simply a butterfly effect, as a small (positive) act can affect the global community in a good way. What’s more, confidence is contagious. You can start to cope your life’s pressure, and start affecting the people around you. Soon, you will see the economy, at least your local community’s economy, will be better somehow.

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7 Responses to “What You Can Do to Improve Today’s Economy”

  1. Ivan says:


    I don’t watch TV either – Not to blame the media, but the media buzz the recession too much, creating more negative sentiments to the people.

    IMO, you are not in denial – you are protecting yourself from the bad influence. As long as you feel that recession is a reality, you are doing well in your own little world 🙂

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. Dawn Wentworth says:

    Great post to help combat the buzzing of recession talk. We all must be more aware of what media we allow to perverse our perspectives. Maybe I am in denial, I don’t watch the news or follow stocks. But I am OK here in my own little world thinking everything is going to be just fine. I wish I could drag some of my worry wart family and friends into my little world with me.

  3. Bryant Harrison says:

    All this sounds good, but people, more importantly American’s need to step up to reality. The reality is that we are on the brink of the next step in our economic and social evolution. Each time we go into a recession it is because things became “stale” so to speak, and when we walk away from this it will be because we move forward with a new outlook on things, including, but not limited to new technologies. Right now people are starting to look at technology in a way that remides me of how people in the dark ages looked at technology. Untill we embrace it and realize that this is our way out of bad times things will not change. We are on the brink of unvailing what might be 2 very life changing technologies. One is carbon nanotubes that could make true reliance on solar energy a reality. Batteries as powerful enough to drive 18 wheeler trucks and solar panels that anyone in the world could use to power their house, cars for free. Space travel to open the human imagination once again would be a walk in the park with a space “elevator” that would be possible with carbon nanotubes. The other is quantium computing that would unlock some of the most interisting technologies would could ever imagine. True VI “virtural intelligance” (different but similar to artifical intelligance), self driving cars that never wreak, and unlock the research we need to make cures to many of the illnesses that plague us. All these things are very possible and possible in our life time but not untill we embrace these things and realize this is whats going to get us out of these hard times. We are on the brink of what might be the biggest event in human history. Lets hope we don’t fail. If we do the reprocutions could stunt our growth and cause some the hardest times humans have ever known.

  4. masid says:

    i want to improve my economy

  5. Page Drought says:

    Are you sure you picked the right words to describe the nature of the resignations?

  6. Tyra Sneller says:

    Have you ever thought about writing an ebook or guest authoring on other blogs? I have a blog centered on the same topics you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my audience would appreciate your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

  7. susan claire says:

    we all live an a world where we enteract. ol d things we need we could not provide them ourselves. that is why whatever happens in the larger economy where we belong, we also get affected. even if its affect may not be felt in an instant.

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