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Wedding Day Loan Options

Hopefully, the big day is something you will only do once. Most of us want to make it as spectacular as possible. If you’re marrying a prince or one of the Trump kids you have nothing to worry. If you’re not marrying one of them you may have to settle for a less spectacular venue. What if it was your childhood dream to have your Cinderella moment for just one day? What if you have bad credit? Interestingly, borrowing with bad credit doesn’t have to be a fairy tale crusher. There are actually organizations that specialize in bad credit wedding loans. In fact many of them are personal unsecured loans. If you’ve read some of our other posts you remember that a personal unsecured loan is a loan where you don’t have to actually put up anything like your house or car in exchange for the money. Which is a good option if you don’t want to risk losing one of your assets.

What is more surprising are some of the rates related to unsecured loans. They typically range from 10%-22% depending on your credit score and can be paid back typically over 6 years. These are very similar to auto loans except there isn’t an asset like the car backing the loan.

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    bad credit is hard to fix that is why always buy things if you can afford them.”      

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