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Using video podcasts as reputation builders

While making sales growing profits may be the long term goal of a business, part of that process involves developing a reputation that goes far beyond the customer base. One of the best online media options that individuals and large companies can use as part of the reputation building process is a podcast. Podcasting has been around forever (on the web, that means in the ancient times before YouTube), and can be used to inform, entertain, and especially to build an individual’s or an organization’s reputation at relatively low cost.

Podcasting has changed rapidly over the last few years, especially in the way that a podcast gets used or delivered. In the early days of podcasting, when just about every podcast was delivered by some kind of audio file, iTunes was one of the easiest, most powerful, and free ways for someone to offer both podcast content and an easy means for an audience to find and download that content.

However, podcasting is more than a technology or a distribution channel, it is a process of both creating and distributing content over a long period of time to an audience. A successful podcast increases its audience by making it easier for a potential viewer or listener to interact with that content.

Fast forward a few years, and podcasting is still around, but it takes a different approach to grow the audience and build a reputation. While iTunes is still a great way to get content out to the public, it is just one of many ways to get audio and video content out to an audience. A successful podcaster would use video sharing services like YouTube, as well as social media resources like Twitter and Facebook as part of its online marketing efforts, giving the audience multiple ways to discover more about that individual or that company, and to allow that audience to make an informed decision.

A podcast by itself will likely not be a useful tool for reputation building, but as a integral part of an online marketing effort, it can do a great job of adding a voice or a face to your reputation building efforts. The following video from is one example of how a company can use a video hosted on a third-party site to get its message across.