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Yoga for Financial Peace

Have trouble with controlling your shopping impulses?

As bizarre as it may sound, it just might be crazy enough to work. If we want to look at the background on it, we can compare financial health to physical health. Yoga has been cited as a beneficial action for weight loss and health maintenance. Not only does it help as an exercise, but through the movements of yoga you help to calm and focus your mind, promote inner contentment, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a greater awareness.

Yoga is already being used as a contributing treatment for depression and anxiety (click here to be taken to an article from Psychology Today on the topic). As the very nature of this site suggests, how we handle our money is very much related to our state of mind. We can use shopping as a tool to feel better (such as retail therapy), we can avoid dealing with our financial situation (a cause of stress and anxiety for most people) which then compounds the situation further, or we can just not be aware of how the way we think can influence the way we spend money.

We are encouraged by the media to find the solution to our problems through “stuff”. However, if you can find that peace and satisfaction that we all crave WITHOUT spending your money, isn’t that a stronger position to be in?

Brent Kessel wrote an excellent article on this topic called “Can Yoga Make You Rich?” that was published on MSN Money (click here to be taken to the article). In it, he discusses how yoga can help you understand how you think, which is usually the first and most important step to regaining control of your finances. I highly recommend reading the article.