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Using an online database in a virtual company

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

The modern corporation doesn’t look much like the corporation of the last century. Back then, in order get the work done, the people doing the managing, and the people doing the work often had to meet face to face to communicate effectively.

With the development of the Internet, and more importantly the continuing reduction in the cost of the hardware and software that makes up the Internet, many of the basic administrative tasks of a company can now be outsourced to a remote labor pool at a much lower costs. Hoever, those remote workers still need to be able to share key company resources, and to do so simultaneously.

Take one small example, maintaining a basic database of customers, suppliers, products, and services. For smaller companies, this can often be done on a handful of spreadsheets or a basic database program. While it would be easy to do this on any laptop computer, when the information has to be accessible to a widely dispersed set of workers and managers, a company would need a virtual database that anyone in the company can access at any time.

One example of this kind of virtual database capability is offered by the Zoho company. Their project management software allows a company to have several users simultaneously update a database from several remote locations.

This kind of capability can even eliminate phone calls and emails. If a company also took the time and effort to develop systematic procedures for editing the database, employees from different time zones or even different continents would be able to perform their tasks without constant input from management.

For a company that intends to leverage the power of the Internet to get work done, it makes sense to design basic administrative and record-keeping tasks around this kind of online database.