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Use the Plastic to Repair Your Credit Rating

People are always looking for the shortest path to solve their personal finance problems.

Often, taking the shortest path might not be your best way to improve your situation. Even in most cases, people recklessly apply for cash advances or use credit card financing without knowing the consequences of their decision.

When it comes to personal financial management, your mindset and knowledge play important roles.

Repair your credit rating, get out of debt

Poor or below average credit rating are commonly due to the following reasons: bankruptcy, poor spending habit, late payment, and pressing personal issue.

  • Bankruptcy – Both business and personal bankruptcy leave you unable to pay your debt.
  • Poor spending habit – this is the main culprit of personal bankruptcy – spending more than you can afford and often followed with late payments.
  • Late payment – Either forgetting or not having the resouce, late payments will always damage your credit reputation.
  • Pressing personal issue – An immediately needed large chunk of money is also the common cause of bad credit rating.

Plastic favours

Even loans with the highest APR can do your personal finance a favour, if you know how to play the money and mind game of getting out of debt.

If your credit rating is relatively poor, one of the effective ways to build your credit rating is by applying for a secured credit card.

A bank card is secured if you have deposited a sum of money onto a bank account to secure the credit. Typically, the credit card limit given is 50 to 100 per cent of the amount of money you deposited into the account.

Pay your bills on time, and build your credit reputation. Just make sure your chose issuer has the Credit Burreau informed about your application.

Escape yourself from getting scammed

As secured credit cards application are having lower qualifying criteria than unsecured credit cards, making it a choice for both applicants and, unfortunately, scammers.

Avoid secured credit card ads that have misleading offer, such as: “Call us to get approved instantly”, “Bad credit rep, no problem – Fast and easy approval”, and many more.

This is the reality: No one can guarantee to get you credit. Those calls you made, especially to 900 calls (you are charged a premium just for calling), are aimed to get the information from you, and maybe redirect your call or send your information to others.

Please be careful about the appealing, and often too good to be true, offers for secured credit card. Getting out is more difficult that getting in.

Consult a credit consultant or respectable credit card issuer about secrued credit cards and how it can be used to repair your credit rating.