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How to Manage Finance, Work-Life Balance, and Sales-Marketing Activities of Your Home Business

Work-life BalanceMany, if not all, home businesses are Sole Proprietor – They handle everything themselves or with the help of family members.

With many responsibilities in running such business, home business owners need to keep control in their home intact.

Three of the controls that home business owners’ often having troubles are:

  1. Separating business from personal finance (and vice versa.)
  2. Managing work-life balance.
  3. Managing sales and marketing activities to grow the business.

Mastering the three controls is essential in mastering in other controls – You can say that those three are prerequisites. The following are some tips and ideas on maintaining control on all three.

How to separate business from personal finance – and vice versa

Separating personal and business finance is important. Not only the business’ revenue to grow itself, you also need to control your personal finance so that it will not get carried away and infusing every penny you have into your home business.

You can basically start with separating bank account, so that your business and personal finance each has an account on itself. In book keeping, you need to localise your income-expense: Your business account only deals with any income and expense related to your business, and your personal account only deals with any income and expense related to your daily activities.

How to manage work-life balance

This is the trickiest of all – You more often than not, got carried away with your business venture, in such a way that your personal life is sliding away from you. All of a sudden, you feel that your entire day is devoted to your business.

Having a good work ethic is important, but over-do work will only leave negative results – You might be stressed out, you could be anti-social, you could damage your relationship with your spouse, kids or other people important to you.

The surest way to maintain (or regain) control in your work-life balance is to have a written schedule to be placed in prominent places, as well as setting up reminders and to do lists for day-to-day business activities.

The critical part in maintaining control in your work-life balance: Stick to your schedule, no matter what!

How to manage sales and marketing activities to grow the business

This is often neglected, simply due to the nature of Sole Proprietorship itself – You handle everything yourself, and this means you will prioritize things. From experience, prioritisation is done the wrong way.

Usually, you first priority is to finish projects on time, before deadline. And, unfortunately, one of the neglected ones are your sales activities, including managing leads.

Your decision to outsource some of your business functions, in this case, sales and marketing functions can make or break your home business.

You can use CRM software for your sales and lead management.

In fact, sales management software not only can help you to control your sales and marketing activities, but also can help you increase close rate.

The key: having the right mindset

Your mindset rules your decision in everything, logical or not. In this case, no matter how much you know about gaining control in your business and personal life (especially finance), your mindset determine your success.

So, first, regain control of your mindset and learn to apply the principle of kaizen or continuous improvement for the benefit of your money and mind.

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