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Faxless Payday Loan: Helping Hand or Quick Sand?

Helping HandWhen we talk about loans in any forms, they are always related to debts.

Taking loans can offer you two things: good debts and bad debts – good debts put money in your pocket, bad debts lose money from your pocket.

Your financial needs, situation and knowledge play important roles in making the loan bad debt or good debt.

Loans come in many flavours – One of the most talk about, in my opinion, is payday loans. Why is that?

Faxless payday loan – offering you financial solution, fast – a bit too fast to handle

Payday loan is a small amount, short-term loan that is intended to cover borrower’s financial need until his/her next paycheck received.

With the advent of the Internet, payday loans are becoming more and more accessible. The term “faxless payday loan” refers to payday loan which application is processed online, thanks to the Internet.

While in essence payday loan aims to help people regardless of their credit score, many accuse payday loan as the culprit that drown many people deeper in debt.

Not quite.

In my opinion, people inherit a common weakness. They want more for less, and they want it fast.

People are always looking for fast and instant remedies for their problems, including financial problems. Just like everything in life, such as fast food, instant means immediate gratification first and quality second.

Payday loan offers fast solution. Faxless payday loan even does things faster, due to online application processing and instant approval. The drawback, as always, is the sky-high interest rate.

Those bring interesting relationship: No matter how negative the reputation of payday loan is, it seems that more and more people need payday loan these days, and payday loan providers are thriving these days. Some sort of love-hate relationship between lenders and borrowers.

Reality check: Stop blaming payday loans – have you ever look things from the eye of payday loan providers?

I am appalled to know people are blaming payday loan. Although I’m not offering any payday loans or similar things and not involving in one either, I think there are too much bad apples thrown at lenders, accusing them as scammers.

Have you ever thought that it is borrower’s responsibility to keep him/her-self well-informed regarding what type of loans he/she is about to take? It is borrower’s responsibility to know what question to ask and when to take payday loans.

Many payday loan providers I know are trying hard to offer a solution. They bear huge risks – they lend to borrowers with no regard of their credit scores. That is why payday loans charge huge interest rate: to supplement the high risks of lending to borrowers with bad credit ratings.

The right borrowers do regard payday loans as the life-savers. do help people – the right one and the well-informed one, that is – getting out of debt.

How to use payday loan to your benefit

First thing first – learn everything you can about payday loan. It is your responsibility to learn about payday loan, about the providers, and about what to expect and when.

Always plan everything – You need to know how much will you get from the lenders, the amount of the interest you owe to the lenders, and most importantly, how the short-term loans can help you getting out of debt, and for how long. You can actually ask the payday loan providers to provide you with a calculation on how much would you pay in the end of the loan period.

If the plan looks positive, go for it. If not, run away from it.

One, last advice: Never, ever take any form of loans without the right knowledge about the loans. That only makes payday loan quick sand, not helping hands.

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Payday Loan for People with Low Credit Score: Hope or Nightmare?

There always be a pro-contra on payday loan. The largest pro-contra on payday loan is due to the premise that payday loan is purposed to help people getting small amount of cash, usually $100 to $500, quick.

Typically, the ones who need payday loans are those that need cash quick and low credit score.

What is a payday loan or payday cash advance? Payday loan is a form of cash advance , where borrower receive a short-term loan, which amount is usually between $100 to $500, and payable within under 1 month period, until payday.

The psychology of payday loan

Most people always have a certain needs that are related to money, such as covering daily expense. This fact, along with the fact that most payday loan taker is low income person, have made payday loan a viable option.

The psychology is simple – a pressing need requires an immediate gratification. This is where payday loan comes into play.

Unfortunately, many slump into bad debts simply because they don’t understand about payday loan, or they don’t have the right reason to take payday loan.

The pros of payday loan

Most payday loan providers offer fast approvals and open for low credit score applicant.

Online payday loan provider, such as Payday One – a US-based and state licensed payday loans provider – offer 24/7 access to payday information and application.

The cons of payday loan

The high interest rate is the main drawback of payday loan. The interest rate is approximately 400% APR, which means a $100 loan should be repaid $115 within 2 weeks.

Moreover, if you are not careful in managing your payday loans, you can easily get trapped in a vicious cycle of borrowing money to cover other loans. This is what often happens, and give payday loans negative reputation.

Payday loan: a hope or a nightmare?

The pitfall is not on the payday loan – the concept of payday loan itself is plausible and actually purposed to help people with financial difficulties.

It is the borrower financial knowledge and mindset that determine whether payday loan is a hope or a nightmare. No matter your credit scores – it is your vision of what to be made of payday loans that will actually allow you the make payday loans as a financial leverage.