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Credit processing is key for both online and traditional business

Today, there are more people who are either thinking about starting an online business or have already taken positive steps to do so. There may be many reasons, to do so, including a firm belief in a product or service, or a desire for financial independence.

No matter the product or service, an online business gives the owner control and access to lots of shoppers. A person who owns a traditional store is limited in the number of shoppers who visit the store. Here are some of the other common reasons why more people are starting online businesses.

Most traditional stores have a specific number of hours that they are open. However, an online business never closes, making it possible for the owner to make a sale even while he or she is asleep. In the online world, this 24 hour a day capability doesn’t take extraordinary effort, it just takes an online presence.

A person who owns an online business has flexibility when it comes to work hours compared to someone who owns a traditional store. While both kinds of owners may have to work late hours or on the weekend to get the job done, the owner of an online business can choose where that work can be done without worrying about taking time out to also oversee a physical store location. Managing contractors or employees may factor into the efforts of an online business owner, but unlike the owner of a traditional store, those contractors and employees can be based anywhere in the world, allowing the online business owner the flexibility to choose the most cost effective option to get the job done.

Someone who owns an online business is able to work anywhere with an Internet connection, including at home or while on holiday. Someone who owns a traditional store may also work at home, but if they are away on holiday, there is no easy way to mind the store from a remote location.

For both online and traditional businesses, one key process that has to be done well is collecting revenue from sales. When it comes to accepting credit cards, a traditional business has to have special equipment installed at every location where a sale may occur. Compare that to online sales, where the buyer provides the special equipment (their computer and browser).

In both the online and traditional store, once the sale happens, a credit card processor takes over the job of verifying the transaction and paying the business. The bottom line is no matter what type of business one has, it is important to have a reliable and secure payment process in place.

Written by Payment Solutions, Inc., a trusted provider of credit card processing solutions for businesses. To equip your business with small business credit card processing, go to the company website to get started.

Make smarter decisions with home loan calculators

Mortgage payment calculations are based on complex mathematical formulas, and fortunately there are many options for finding calculators to make this mathematical process easy and painless.

By using a mortgage calculator, it becomes very easy to know the monthly payments you need to make, and very easy to see what happens to your payments when you change key values like the amount of the loan, the number of payments, and the interest rate.

Types of mortgage calculators
There are two different types of mortgage calculators, online calculators and traditional physical calculators that have built-in functions for computing principal and interest payments. The online mortgage calculators are mostly used by the borrowers, and real estate and mortgage professionals usually prefer using the physical ones.

You’ll need nothing more than an Internet connection to be able to access the online mortgage calculators. They are available free of cost and are very easy to operate. You’ll just need to put in the necessary information, usually the amount of the loan, the number of payments, and the interest rate.

The most common types of mortgage calculators include the following:

  • Monthly payment calculator – It helps calculate your monthly payments easily and assists you when you’re thinking of taking out loans.
  • Interest only calculator – You’ll know the amount of interest you need to pay every month. The total interest for the term can also be calculated.
  • Amortization schedule calculator – It helps you cut down your loan term by doing calculations on the principal amount and interest rate of your loan.
  • Bi-weekly payment calculator – This calculator uses an accelerated bi-weekly mortgage payment method and helps you save money. Get to know the difference between monthly and bi-weekly payments with the help of this mortgage calculator.
  • Adjustable rate calculator – Say goodbye to uncertainty with this calculator. Know about the changing interest rates and how it is going to affect your mortgage payments.

The benefits of mortgage calculators
Mortgage calculators are beneficial in several ways when you want to refinance mortgage or calculate your debt payments:

  • They let you know about your affordability.
  • They will tell you the time it will take to pay off your loan completely.
  • They will help you learn about other better payment methods.
  • They will let you choose the most cost-effective payment method.
  • They will help you get the most favorable rates on mortgage refinances.

Using a mortgage calculator prior to making any mortgage related decision is important. The calculations give you an idea about the present market conditions and how you can benefit yourself the most.

Casino games on mobile devices

In the last couple of years, there has been a surge in players migrating from traditional online platforms like PC and laptop computers to more portable mobile and tablet gaming platforms. The major attraction for players who now use mobile devices for their gaming is that it provides a new gateway for them to play and win while on the move. The amounts of money you can earn on mobile phones and tablets are equal to that on PC, meaning players now have the convenience of playing their favorite games on the go, and possibly earning some truly life-altering amounts of cash from their casino for mobile providers.

Most players don’t know that their favorite games are also available on mobile casino apps. You can now enjoy Vegas style favorite like blackjack and roulette as well as video slot crowd pleasers like Mega Moolah or Mermaids Millions, and blockbuster movie inspired games like Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck II which can earn potential winnings in the millions, like the player who won $1.7 million on the video slot game Mega Moolah. Next to all of these games is another fan favorite, Bingo. Bingo games including 75-ball and 90-ball Bingo are available for the players who like a bit of multitasking while they play.

Setting up an account for mobile play is easy, and you can access the registration process using your PC or your mobile device. Registration is usually easy and painless, and when you finish, you may be able to take advantage of fantastic welcome bonuses when you first deposit into your account.

You don’t have to deposit money to enjoy online casino gaming. Players from all skill levels can take advantage of a “play for fun” option where you don’t have to deposit any money, and can use this free play option to become familiar with how the gaming app will work on a mobile of tablet device. This option can also be used to learn the rules of video slot games, or more traditional games like blackjack or roulette.

A lot of people are skeptical about migrating to mobile devices because of fears of having their personal information or money stolen online. The reality for online gamers is that your personal and financial information equally safe when using either a PC or a mobile device. The risk comes more from the service provider than from the gaming platform. Canadian online casinos provide players with a fun and safe environment to enjoy online gaming, safe in the knowledge that they are playing on a safe and secure network from their provider.

There are always rumors circulating online that have some players believing that there is a set formula to winning online casino games. The truth is that winning is more about understanding the rules of the game rather than on luck. Most software that power online games use a combination of sophisticated algorithms and technologies like electronic random number generator to make it close to impossible
to predict when and how you will get a big cash payout. Players are advised to budget their both their time and their money to ensure that their online remains enjoyable and fun. Winning at online casino games can be a pleasant experiences and if done responsibly, playing mobile casino games can take that experience to a whole new level.