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Inspiring Rags to Riches Stories

New rich, or Nouveau Riche in French, refers to people who ‘made it’ from nothing to something in term of financial authority.

Stories about noveau riche are always be rags to riches stories. This wiki about Nouveau Riche explains that rags to riches stories are always be inspiring to us.

Rags to riches stories are motivational, mindset changing and focus on the end line, rather than the journey.

Example of rags to riches stories

Arguably, Bill Gates is the Nouveau Riche most prominent example.

Although his relatives are one of the most successful figures in their business and profession, Bill’s journey is not as smooth as you might have thought. A Harvard drop out, Bill with friend Paul Allen founded Microsoft, the software behemoth. Today, Bill is the richest man in US and number 3 in the world.

Bill Gates story might not interest other as he seems not ‘that rag’.

My favourite story of ‘the real’ noveau riche is that of Gurbaksh Chahal, a serial entrepreneur whose one of his businesses, BlueLithium, is acquired by Yahoo! for $300 million.

Gurbaksh is a school drop out at 16, and his parents, Indian immigrants, struggled financially for years. Today, Gurbaksh, 25 years old, has a net value of $100 million. Although not a billionaire (yet), his story is more ‘down to earth’ and might inspire people better than the Bill Gates story.

Why rags to riches stories are inspiring?

Rags to riche stories are inspiring due to:

  • Role models – they can make it, and so do you.
  • Success stories motivate people to follow the noveau riche footsteps and follow the dos and don’ts during the rags to riches journey.
  • Affirmation – positive stories create positive mindset and they are definitely suggestive. This will lead to people who are into the success stories to actually be better in their financial mindset and performance.

How to go from rags to riches?

Noveau riche main ability is to garner opportunities when they are unearthed. Consider this opportunities as gold rush, and the noveau riche is the gold mining pioneer.

Basically, the right opportunities at the right time are always present – people call this luck, I call this window of opportunity.

The most prominent way to go from rags to riches is through entrepreneurship – although professionals can achieve great success and go from rags to riches, the authorities of noveau riche are all entrepreneurs.

Business opportunities, such as this Nouveau Riche opportunities, are more likely to born new riches than not.

My favourite business opportunity is being a social entrepreneurs in South Africa – great opportunities for great minded entrepreneurs that eager to help local community to have better welfare by opening prospect business with the help of social investors.

It’s all about mindset and mentality

In going rags tor iches, resilience and perseverance is needed. 95% of people fail because they lack resilience and perseverance.

Noveau riche is all about money and minds.