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Probate advances – I want it now, please

The economy of ‘now’ is definitely the driving factor of today’s finance world.

Especially in credit card, loan and insurance business, the ‘now’ main premise is to expect you to make decision now, with certain perks and benefits of doing so.


Because people do act differently, often irrationally, when it comes to money.

According to Tim Harford, of Slate.com, the ‘now’ has a strong pull. He uses an example of a psychology of offer – Suppose you were offered $100 today, but if you wanted to wait for a day, $110 will be offered to you. The normal, rational and logical people will, of course, wait for a day to get the $10 addition to the money pot.

It turned out that, according to some researchers, most people do not actually behave that way. He then explains that almost everybody says that they are happy to wait a day at some future time, but not today. They would prefer the $100 today to $110 tomorrow.

The ‘now’ in cash advances

Cash advances services, referring to an amount of money paid before it is earned, are born on the premise of ‘now’.

The underlying idea of cash advances is to receive money now, that will be ‘earned’ when certain milestones reached.

People are willing to pay a certain amount of fee in return of receiving the money earlier to fulfill certain financial issues.

Probate advances

Cash advances exist in many form, including early inheritance distribution to heirs. The ‘now’ does have affected the inheritance and probate issues.

Probate advances is one of the cash advances that is specifically related to inheritance.

The inheritance cash advances function as heir loan – allowing heirs to receive inheritance money now in exchange for a set amount of money to be paid later at agreed deadlines.

Inheritance cash advance is not always considered as a loan. I recommend you to search for inheritance cash advances company that does not have an interest rate or a payment schedule.