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Online Payment Processing – Simplicity is Key

Bryant Welch, a clinical psychologist, lawyer, professor and former executive director at the American Psychological Association, wrote that life in a globalised world is complex and uncertain, but the human brain craves simplicity and assurance.

No matter how negative the effect of simplicity (and everything instant) is, people does crave for them, due to the fact that human brain always wants to avoid misery and to pursue happiness.

Why simplicity in online payment processing is important for customers

You see, people start leaning toward online shopping for the same reason: simplicity.

You always want to shop from the comfort of your home. Their main consideration is always on order and payment processing. They want a secure, yet simple system to process their order and payment. They want quality and fast services.

Customers have to consider several things in deciding to shop online: how much they will save, how convenience the purchase will, and how peace of mind can be achieved.

Online businesses have to address those issues to win business from potential customers. To achieve this, online businesses must have an integrated and automated online payment processing system that is simple to use.

Where to look for reliable payment processing solutions

In payment processing system, simplicity is key. Setting up merchant account, processing online payment, processing orders and shipping, and so on is a complex operation, although not as complicated as the offline counterparts.

Choosing the right solution will not only helping you win customers, but also helping your back office operations.

There are simple payment processing solutions on the Net, but only a few offering you an integrated solution. My suggestion is for you to seek a company that can handle most, if not all, your payment processing needs.

Partnering with a company that offer you an all in one solution to manage financial processes, such as recurring billing, eCheck processing, online payments, credit card processing, direct debits and cash disbursement will only do good for your online business.

The best way to look for such company is through searching for testimonials and recommendations from the Internet. Reviews on financial-related blogs, forums and social media may be your best bet to find such solution.

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