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Keeping up with the Jones…. In Reverse

We know that humans are a competitive species. In this blog, my fellow writers have brought up the concept of “status” and its perils.

So, we know it exists. The question we have to ask ourselves is how we can use this to our advantage.

Can we? It seems a big stretch, but perhaps we can be just as competitive about getting our finances in order as we were about messing our finances. Well, there is a school of thought on that. It’s called Debt Club.

If you’re thinking of the rules of Fight Club, I did that too when I first heard of the concept, but it’s quite different. While the rational and reasoning behind it can be explained in a number of different ways, social competition is essentially a cooperative effort for us to ruin ourselves. If we can work together to get in trouble, we should be equally capable of working together to get out of it.

I find the concept of debt club to be a fantastic one. Yes, there is a cooperative aspect, but as I mentioned earlier, this does allow you to tap into that competitive nature and use it for good purposes.

Remember, when we talk about how our brain works in this blog, we want you to be able to use that information to your advantage. Sometimes, your brain and your way of thinking can be an obstacle to financial security, so you need to figure out how to use how you think to your advantage.

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