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Government Grants to Pay-Off Your Credit Card Debt: Blessings in Disguise

National Debt CountIf you are hoping for a miracle in clearing your credit card debts, you will probably wasting your time.

But if you are diligent enough in looking for information in the right places, you might found something that could be very well your small miracle.

One of the small miracles in today’s recession is Federal grants for credit card debt.

What is Federal grants for credit card debt?

In essence, the Federal grants for credit card debt is Government grants that allow you to pay off all your credit card debts, should you meet the criteria and requirements.

The main purposes of this grant are:

  • To stop you from drowning deeper into debt by taking new loans to pay off your previously taken loans.
  • To help you sustain your credit ratings and reputation.

The best thing of Federal grants is obvious – It doesn’t require to be paid back.

However, there are certain criteria and requirements to be met to be eligible – the first and foremost criteria, you have to be a US citizen, as this grants only apply in the United States.

Federal grants can have tax implications so consult your tax preparer before you file the 1040EZ.

First of all, you need to know how to apply for one.

How to get Federal grants for credit card debt

In general, the requirements to apply for the grants are as follow:

  1. Find the right Government Agencies and seek the information about the Government grants and funding programs – You can find such information from these Government’s sites: and
  2. Have the needed information ready: proof of income, your loan monthly payments information, and your total amount of loan taken.
  3. Along with the information the Government Agencies gather about your financial status, your application is then assessed to determine whether you qualify or not.
  4. You will be informed regarding your eligibility, and if you are judged to be eligible, your debt will be cleared as the government pays off the debt on your behalf.

Beware of scams

Just like anything that involves money, there are some organisations and companies that claim to help you getting the grant you’ve always wanted. They are too smart to know that, these days, people are often acting irrationally to get out of debt as soon as possible, by any means.

You homework is to keep your head cool and rational, while focusing your effort to find the right information. Again, the good places to start are these Government’s sites: and

Hopefully this post will help you with an opportunity to have a fresh start and build your personal finance the right way.

Image by Kevin Krejci.

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18 Responses to “Government Grants to Pay-Off Your Credit Card Debt: Blessings in Disguise”

  1. Heidi says:

    I am having difficulty on the sites you listed finding info on applying for federal grants for credit card debt.

    Please help if you can…

  2. Ivan says:


    The explanation is a bit general-ish, but if you really want to look into federal grant, you can go to the ‘official’ sites: and If the grants you’re looking for are not there, then there are no such grants 🙂

  3. Ivan says:

    Good luck for your endeavour 🙂

  4. Imee says:

    thanks for the v.informative article. someone in my family is in deep credit card debt. i’ll have to suggest that she try government grants to help pay them off

  5. Joe says:

    Per the site’s FAQ

    As an individual, how do I find information on Federal and state grants, benefits, or assistance? Where can I search for grants or assistance to pay off debt, bills, or medical costs? Where can I find information on government benefits that I may be eligible to receive?

    If you are an individual looking for information on government benefits, refer to , the official government benefits website, a free, confidential tool that helps individuals find government benefits they may be eligible to receive, as well as information on how to apply.

  6. Alyssa says:

    Basically, I found that someone went back on their word on a lease agreement that ended.. and therefore when i recieved no notification of all the charges they claimed against me i have a 2148 dollar debt to the rental agency on collections. And no record of the phone talk, only the papers in which they basically get me. They win, but I cannot get a new apt anywhere without huge deposits, and I cannot afford 2148 to pay it off. I realize many people have a lot more debt than that but I am young and it is causing me a lot of hassle. And soon I will have a school loan on there… =/ I just wondered if there are grants or anything for small issues. I am guessing not.

  7. dee says:

    read what u said and i just cant find anything. Any help to find these debt relief grants would be appreciated.


  8. Stacy says:

    This is nonsense. and will not have anything to do with debt relief. I can’t believe you are spreading this around the Internet. These are government sites, but for legitimate business — not debt relief. These are great sites if you want to go after a grant with say, USDA or perhaps the Department of Justice…

  9. Pete says:

    This is what these government site state:

    “ATTENTION! does not offer money for personal financial assistance or debt. If you are seeking personal financial assistance such as:”

    Social Security/Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid or State Social Services, please visit: GovBenefits. gov

    Student Loans, please visit: Studentaid.ed. gov

    Small Business Start-up Loans, please visit: sba. gov

    This type of individual assistance is NOT available on this website.

  10. J.Dowdy says:

    This is posted on
    It says it all. There is no “personal financial assistance”
    from the federal government!

    *IMPORTANT NOTICE: All applicants please read immediately does not provide personal financial assistance. To learn where you may find personal help, check Government Benefits, Student Loans and Small Business Start-up Loans.

  11. Juliet Vaughn says:

    Ya i totally agree with you. There will be no miracle that we can free from our credit card debt without paying off. I think you gave such a wonderful information about How to get Federal grants for credit card debt. Thanks for sharing us your views they will be prove good for us.

  12. Hotels Lincoln city says:

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  13. Linda says:

    Which card is best and easy to get if I have very low credit score? Any recommendation

  14. Fletcher Paider says:

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  15. Lyle Zegarelli says:

    What does SCOTUS mean I’m assuming something directed towards Mitt Romney?

  16. Matt Gerwitz says:

    People, this post is BS. The US government DOES NOT provide grants to any individuals for any reason. THIS INCLUDES DEBT RELIEF, BUSINESS ASSISTANCE, EDUCATION ASSISTANCE et al. Articles like this are written only to increase search engine results in order to drive web traffic for internet marketers. I am a professional web writer and I can guarantee you most of the people in my business write these articles with no idea what they are talking about.

  17. Quentin Brendle says:

    great site!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned.

  18. Personal credit card debt says:

    Its like you read my thoughts! You appear to understand a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something. I feel that you just could do with some % to power the message home a little bit, but other than that, that is excellent blog. A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

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