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Everybody Be Cool This is a Robbery!

I completely laughed hysterically when I heard Tim Roth say those words in Pulp Fiction, but in real life it’s not quite as funny. Despite the increasing options for banking online there are still times a visit to a physical bank or ATM is required. Interestingly, as much as technology in Internet banking has developed so have the modern day physical security measures as well.

Companies like ADT Security have been investing in cutting edge security technology for physical bank security systems. I used to think that ADT specialized in high level home security, but they have a number of high tech tools for financial institutions. Banks are starting to use some of the biometric systems such as iris, smart card and fingerprint readers.

They’ve also started integrating alarm verification, interactive video and live remote video monitoring.

While it seems like bank robberies are something out of the old west a quick search on Google news reveals that they continue to happen every day. It is one of those things that everyone always thinks happens to someone else. It is always nice to see the company providing the security system to my local bank. If it is a company like ADT I know my bank has chosen well and has the right technology to keep me and my money safe.

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  1. Freeman Rovell says:

    HEY!Whats wrong with a little coo talk,you think its not going through the minds of people in the military after watching the rape of their country coupled with the lack of respect they get from Washington for all their hard work?

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