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Countering the Desire to Buy

Have you ever just had to have something? You’re not even sure why, but before you could say Visa you had made the purchase and then a week later you don’t even use or remember why you bought the darn thing anyway? Typically this is because a very clever marketer has tapped into your seedling desire and created a emotional state that made you want to buy. Think of those yummy pizza ads that made you order over the phone even though you aren’t hungry or buy one of those darn snuggies for $20 over the phone. Perhaps learning more about the tactics behind this marketing can help you resist future assaults on your buying psyche.

Unless you’re an Internet marketer you’ve probably never heard of Frank Kern. He is an Internet marketing master. He has put together legendary marketing sales copy that is responsible for bringing in tens of millions of dollars with his slick tongue. People pay this guy large sums of money in the form of royalties to help promote their products. I was recently listening to one of his free videos where he was dispelling some of his wisdom. The purpose of the video was to help those selling items to sell more and think about buyer psychology, but it can also be useful to stop and pause to think before you buy.

Typically marketers try to tap into a seedling desire. A seedling desire is someone that has a small interest in a given subject. They want to then turn that small desire into a full blown emotional buying state.

Remember we buy emotionally and we justify logically after the fact. Any given copy or ad is trying to tap into your emotional state to present you with a future pleasure or way to avoid pain. In some cases it can be absolutely justified. There really are great products that can change your live. My DVR is living proof of that, but there are other things we don’t need.

One of things I have found useful is to actually wait one day and sleep on it. Sleep has a way of resetting our emotional state and changing how we feel. It is amazing how many times I’ve woken up the next day and the emotional state has passed.

Send a comment and let us know how you let the emotional state pass.

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