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Corporate Advertising Cartoon for Branding and Viral Marketing through Social Media

Corporate, most notably financial institution, are slow in incorporating new mediums and techniques to communicate their messages to their target audience.

With the premise to create a better hook in audience minds through cartoon advertising, companies are encouraged to use the new way to brand and market better.

Advertising Cartoon Creates a Hook in Audience Mind

Human minds are known to understand image better than text. The use of images to communicate and transmit ideas has been amplified by the ever presence of social media.

Social media main benefit is that it often amplifies buzz – this is achievable through the use of cartoon in adversiting.

New media advertising is typically aim to create buzz through the use of social media. One of the new media advertising ways is custom cartoons for corporate advertising purposes.

Companies, such as Vantage Internet, try to break the barrier and insist for corporate to follow the ‘trend’ of viral marketing, especially in social media.

How advertising cartoon works well to create buzz

Corporate advertising cartoon are typically smart and attract discussion among audiences.

Smart, catchy, cartoon will be bookmarked by site visitors and might end up on the first page, which means more exposure and buzz. This is what every business hope for – viral effect and leveraged branding.

Example of smart advertising cartoon is as follow:

Cartoon advertising

Advertising cartoon is cost-effective

Money-wise, advertising cartoon is cost-effective. You don’t have to endorse anything and anybody but your own brand name, and you can stand above the rest in a cost-effective way.

If you are keen to have your brand name sink and hooked in your audience mind, consider the different approach advertising cartoon offers you.

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3 Responses to “Corporate Advertising Cartoon for Branding and Viral Marketing through Social Media”

  1. Print Design says:

    I think social media cartoon ads, or any kind of online cartoon ads are a great idea. Like you said, people process images faster and I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like to read the comics. Just having a cartoonish/comic-y feel to an ad will make people interested because cartoons are synonymous with funny. And who doesn’t want a good laugh?

  2. Ivan says:


    Cheers! Also, by using cartoon, ads are less formal and more ‘approachable’ – this will result in more reach and buzz.

  3. Zane Mcatee says:

    I like the layout of your blog and I’m going to do the same thing for mine. Do you have any tips? Please PM ME on yahoo @ AmandaLovesYou702

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