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How to put your long term investments on autopilot

In the US, pensions are rare for most workers, and those who do want to save for retirement are encouraged to use employee funded plans such as 401Ks. The problem that most investors have is that most of them are not professional investors. In fact, most are not even casual investors, and often do one of either two things, make no decisions at all, or leave the decisions to some kine of financial expert.

Doing nothing is not a good option, and leaving decisions completely to others is a better idea if the financial advisor is charging a minimal amount for their services. One company that takes the latter approach is Wealthfront (, which is an automated investment service that manages a diversified, low-cost portfolio of index funds.

Wealthfront makes it easy for investors who are willing to do a minimum of work to track their investments by creating personalized online investment account that is accessible anytime and anywhere from your desktop, tablet, phone, or other mobile device. The company supports the following types of accounts:

– Individual, joint, trust, & LLC taxable accounts
– Traditional, Roth, & SEP retirement accounts (IRAs)
– 401(k) rollover accounts
– 501(c) accounts for non-profit institutions

What are the Wealthfront investment options?
Wealthfront uses exchange traded funds (ETFs) that track indexes for the 11 major asset classes. These kinds of broad, market based investments historically have been more consistent than individual stocks. Their analytical process can also provide investors with reasons why a particular ETF was chosen.

How much does Wealthfront cost?
Wealthfront requires a minimum of $5,000, and charges no fees for the first $10,000. After that, the charge is 0.25% per year. There are no additional fees for their service, and no trading commissions. For A $100,000 investment, the annual costs would be $225 (0.25% of $90,000).

While investing with Wealtfront is not like putting your investments completely on autopilot, it can take most of the work out of your investing decisions. Interested investors should visit and evaluate their service for themselves.

How to find guidance for online commodities training

The creation of the Internet has opened up the door for people being able to make money from the comfort of their home in a wide variety of ways. Over the past several years, there has been an explosion in the popularity of online commodities trading. There are now many different websites that allow people to open accounts, deposit their money and begin trading commodities with other users on a global scale. The ease and speed with which people can make money in this manner has attracted millions of people to online trading. Some people have quit their jobs and begun trading at home full-time. Here is how to make money trading online.

Get the proper instruction
While some people are blessed with a natural aptitude for online trading, most people will need to learn all of the ins and outs of commodities trading before they can be successful at it, let alone make a full-time living doing it. Therefore, it would be wise for all people who are seriously interested in trading online to enroll in a course that is given by a reputable online trading school, such as the Online Trading Academy. You can review online review sites to find out the experiences of former students, or check with the Federal Trade Commission to see if the company has been associated with inappropriate business behavior. The school that you choose to give you your instruction is important. Keep in mind, trading is a risky endeavor. The possibility exists that you could lose a large sum of money very quickly if you make the wrong trade. Learning about online trading from an excellent school will teach you how to minimize your risk and make wise decisions. They will also show you which commodities to stay away from.

Talk to successful traders
After you complete your online trading course, your education will not be complete. Just because you took a few classes does not mean you are ready to dive head first into the potentially dangerous waters of online trading. It would be in your best interest to talk to people who are already successful online traders. Ideally, you should try to find people who are making a living by trading full-time. These are people who obviously know enough about the art of trading to support themselves. These are the individuals who can teach you the most useful information. Ask them how they got started. Get them to tell you some useful tips that you can apply to your own online trading.