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How to Maintain your Assets with Fleet Tracking

In order to keep a company running profitably, there must be adequate oversight over one of its most valuable commodities: its fleet of vehicles. A smart way to do this is with fleet tracking systems. These intuitive networks can protect cars, trucks, and vans in order to create healthier bottom lines for businesses. GPS systems capabilities stem from digital connections, specialized instrumentation, and artificial intelligence.

Today’s Systems
Modern asset tracking networks are interconnected to allow a whole new level of interactions between people, objects, and systems. The instruments have the capability to sense, see, and calculate the condition of vehicles and facilities. Computerized intelligence can not only notify when repairs or maintenance is needed, it can also predict future needs.

Manage Fuel Use
One of the ways to contain costs is by managing fuel consumption. Tracking systems watch over multiple assets including the use of fuel/fluids, miles per gallon, and operators’ driving habits such as stops, starts, and speed while on the road. All of these details make a difference in gasoline and oil consumption of the fleet. Because preventative maintenance reminders are available to notify of necessary tune-ups, engines can consistently be operating efficiently and economically. If gas mileage starts to slip in certain cars, vans, and trucks, inspections can be performed to troubleshoot and remedy the problems.

Equipment Maintenance
Another way to economize is by staying on top of equipment maintenance and repairs. Some of the steps to be taken include:

  • Tracking oil changes, lubrication, and other fluids of the entire fleet.
  • Keeping track of the inventory of spare parts, so supplies are available on demand. This will reduce down time on out-of-circulation vehicles that are waiting for parts.
  • Managing tire needs on all automobiles, including rotations, new tires, and repairs of flats or other problematic wheel or tire issues.

Warranty Tracking
Businesses can also save money on their cars when they keep track of warranty information. When management is on top of this detail, repairs can be covered by the manufacturers more easily. Companies that lease their fleets can monitor rental warranties, as well.

Your transportation fleet is invaluable, containing assets that you need to run your operation. In order to protect your vehicles, keep your drivers safe, and enhance your profitability, it’s crucial to monitor your fleet. Today’s GPS and digitalized tracking systems can assist you in a myriad of ways by watching over fuel costs, the maintaining of your equipment, and tracking your warranties. If you allow these intelligent networks to help you do your job, you will be able to keep more cash in your company’s bank account.

The risks of starting an adult services business

Deciding to start an adult services business comes with many risks. Those who do so have usually tested the waters and calculated the risks before taking the leap. It is important to understand the types of challenges you may face as you venture into this industry. It can be quite lucrative, but there are some real hurdles you may have to jump.

Adult merchant processing
If you decide to take credit or debit cards for services, which makes your offerings more accessible to more people, there are a limited number of card processing companies willing to take the risk on approving you for a card reader. There are many ways the business could slide into the realm of operating illegally, so many reputable card processing companies simply choose to avoid dealing with high risk business ventures. There are companies that specialize in making card readers available to these companies, however. Some offer point of service terminals at slightly higher fees, but they make it possible to present a professional way for you to provide your customers with payment options.

The Legalities
Because the laws vary from state to state, it is sometimes tricky to know whether you are operating lawfully or breaking a law. For this reason, adult service business owners must be vigilant about researching the laws in their own states. Even after informing themselves through research, it is still important to retain legal representation to fill in the gaps. Research may not help if you have to go through litigation or with knowing some subtle nuances of the law. The most successful businesses educate themselves, but rely to attorneys to make sure all bases are covered. They also educate their staff about what is legal to ensure an employee does not put the company at risk.

It is likely that your true friends will not judge what you have chosen as a business venture once they know you work in adult services, or one that sells merchandise like sex toys. There is also a possibility that they will judge and distance themselves from you. For many who try to maintain traditional value systems, a business of this type is still taboo. People make assumptions that adult services is connected to either something illegal or morally questionable. If you are open about what you do, it may limit the number of people in your inner circle. For some business owners, this is a blessing rather than a curse. Others, however, should be prepared for potential backlash from their own communities and from others in conventional businesses.