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Do you know your cash flow from your capital gains?

When it comes to investing, words and definitions matter. If you don’t understand the question in the title of this article, then you might be easily fooled by a fast talking financial salesperson, or you may pass up an outstanding opportunity because of your lack of knowledge. If you are confused by the terms in the article, stick around, by the end of this article, you will have a good idea of the difference between cash flow type investment and a capital gain type investment.

The basic definitions are simple enough:

  • Capital Gains – If you invest for capital gains, your goal is to sell something for more than you bought it. In order to receive the gain, you typically no longer own or control the asset. Stocks that don’t produce dividends are a classic capital gains investment. Another type would be investing in unimproved land.
  • Cash Flow – If you are a cash flow investor, your goal is to receive a series of cash payments from your investment, and you typically still own or control the asset. Long term ownership of dividend producing stock fits this model, as does investing in rental real estate.
  • This is a very, very simplified description of the different between cash flow and capital gain investing, and you can read any number of books that go into the details. Depending on what kind of investing you are doing, you probably have to have a completely different approach depending on which kind you are doing.

    The key to remember is that any type of investment vehicle may include both cash flow and capital gains. Whether one type or another is best for you depends on the investment and a variety of other factors, including your near term and long term needs for a return on your investment.

    For example, if you are investing in a company that specializes in advertising on radio, if you purchased the company and intend to keep it for several decades, you may want to do so only if it is a cash flow type investment so that you can pay the employees and other overhead costs. If you think that radio will be a dead medium in five years, you may want to take a capital gains approach and position to sell the company quickly, and profitably.

    Casino games on mobile devices

    In the last couple of years, there has been a surge in players migrating from traditional online platforms like PC and laptop computers to more portable mobile and tablet gaming platforms. The major attraction for players who now use mobile devices for their gaming is that it provides a new gateway for them to play and win while on the move. The amounts of money you can earn on mobile phones and tablets are equal to that on PC, meaning players now have the convenience of playing their favorite games on the go, and possibly earning some truly life-altering amounts of cash from their casino for mobile providers.

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    Setting up an account for mobile play is easy, and you can access the registration process using your PC or your mobile device. Registration is usually easy and painless, and when you finish, you may be able to take advantage of fantastic welcome bonuses when you first deposit into your account.

    You don’t have to deposit money to enjoy online casino gaming. Players from all skill levels can take advantage of a “play for fun” option where you don’t have to deposit any money, and can use this free play option to become familiar with how the gaming app will work on a mobile of tablet device. This option can also be used to learn the rules of video slot games, or more traditional games like blackjack or roulette.

    A lot of people are skeptical about migrating to mobile devices because of fears of having their personal information or money stolen online. The reality for online gamers is that your personal and financial information equally safe when using either a PC or a mobile device. The risk comes more from the service provider than from the gaming platform. Canadian online casinos provide players with a fun and safe environment to enjoy online gaming, safe in the knowledge that they are playing on a safe and secure network from their provider.

    There are always rumors circulating online that have some players believing that there is a set formula to winning online casino games. The truth is that winning is more about understanding the rules of the game rather than on luck. Most software that power online games use a combination of sophisticated algorithms and technologies like electronic random number generator to make it close to impossible
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