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Money Market Accounts – Safety and Liquidity

With the economy in such poor shape, it is no surprise that people are looking for ways to maximize their return without sacrificing the liquidity or security they desire. Investing in risky stocks is not what a lot of American’s want to do with their money. But letting the money sit in a checking account losing value is not the best choice. Thankfully, online banking offers plenty of opportunities to move your money into accounts that not only offer convenience and security, but also a risk-free way to grow your money.
Money Market accounts are just one way to put your money to use. Money Market accounts are a cross between checking and savings accounts. They allow customers greater access to their money than a savings account while still allowing customers to earn interest on it.
M&T Online Banking has a new e-Money Market Account allows you to do just that. With 1.15% APY, your money can grow without the hassle of a CD. To sweeten the deal, there is no minimum balance and no monthly fees.
Opening an account is easy and can be done securely online. Although you have to open an account online to receive their special APY, you can call and talk to a representative or stop into any one of their over 650 branch locations for service once the account is open.
With the economy in recession and your new Money Market account just a click away, there is no excuse not to maximize your money’s potential!

CEO Pay Limits to 500k

Many individuals are applauding the capping of executive pay to 500k. Interestingly, though there are a lot of smart lawyers and CEOs working to figure out ways around this restriction. It seems to make sense that if you take government bailout money you have to play be a different set of rules. However, there are often many ways around the limitations. When President Clinton was in office he enacted legislation to limit the amount of expense a company could claim on their taxes for executive pay to 1 million. Companies then shifted to using stock options instead. With CEOs making 344 times the average worker there is often controversy or legislation aimed at limiting their compensation. With some of the brightest minds and so much at stake they are sure to find their way around it.

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